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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:23

How was the sacrificial bull in Yozgat

How was the sacrificial bull in Yozgat
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After the Eid prayer in Yozgat citizens began to cut their victims .

Yozgat news: Resist the opportunity to go to bed when he found a sacrificial bull escaped.
In Yozgat citizens and residents began to cut their victims in a peaceful environment . Bayram prayer citizens, municipalities in areas where the victim was cut. A sacrificial bull , had difficult moments of their respective owners . Sacrificial bull before a bracket mounted to the back of the tractor pulling the cut was brought to the place . Here surly bull , foot chain link can usually be provided . Butcher then lifted a tractor apparatus behind the chain tied to bring the bull to the point of suffocation . However, the rope cut the bull , ran off as soon as the opportunity and went up to another sacrificial animals has led her to flee . Animals entering the market captured by bull breeders were given back to the owner .
The other hand, from the novice butchers in the morning rushed to the hospital emergency department . When cutting a citizen injured victims , butcher said, \"but I'm not a beginner can sometimes accidents do happen ,\"he said .

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